Collection/Video Files/Cataloging Schema

May 1, 2008 at 3:24 pm (IMLS Fellowship)

As the semester wraps up I have a few things to finish up.  One, I have been curating a Des Moines Artists Collection for the Daily Palette.  So far I have a clip from the film A Little Salsa on the Prairie that was written by one of my favorite professors, Jody Swilky, who teaches at Drake University.  I have a piece from my husband who is an illustrator and graphic designer.  A painting from a Grand View professor.  A photograph from a professional artist, Susan Johnson.  A mini sub-collection from a family of artists.  And a poem from a local published writer.  I think it provides a strong balance in types of art and I like the family aspect as well.

I have dropped off a hard drive to DP’s Craig Dietrich to collect the video files from Iowa at 30 Frames Per Second.  I will be converting as many as I can starting next week.  Also, Chris and I have the opportunity to talk about our projects through DLS with a visiting librarian from Senegal on Tuesday.  I am excited to see what he thinks of the Iowa Writes Collection.

After spending weeks researching cataloging schema with the intent of updating the current eGranary system, Cliff and I sat down and talked about the practicality of a hybrid system.  We are now going to open up our ideas to the larger librarian world.  We will be setting up a WIKI to collect feedback.  I just need to get our question formulated and an explanation of what we have thought of so far.  Cliff is off again this Sunday and won’t return until the semester is over, so we will be working through email to get this done.


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